Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Marcy the Monkey
Roy the Rooster
Tristen the Seal
Kit the Cat

I thought Halloween was the perfect occasion to showcase these adorable licensed creatures. I am unable to find who is the original illustrator or creator but the line is available on numerous goods worldwide. This is not a style that I am typically drawn to but there is something so fantastic about morbidity at its cutest. Its different and interesting.

My hero wears designer jeans

Some peoples' heroes wear capes or some type of football jersey. I have recently come to realize that my hero can typically be seen wearing expensive jeans and a blazer. Jeff Lewis is a California-based real estate developer and star of Bravo's "Flipping Out'. I am consistently impressed with all of his homes and I give him credit for my inspiration of one day owning a home that is sophisticatedly named. I call him my hero because anyone that is well versed in so many different aspects of real estate, from the construction to interior design is nothing short of genius. Mr. Lewis seems to have no niche specialization because his areas of expertise are extensive. His taste is impeccable and his sense of humor is hysterical. If only I could afford him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My heart skipped a beat

Its no secret that I am a sucker for fantastic packaging but Elizabeth Linde's design for Whisht Fragrance is exceptional. 'Whisht' is named for the moment in time when the heart skips a beat. There are so many banal names for perfumes these days, fragrance marketing is almost always a horrific cliche. Whisht manages to communicate the same essence of attraction and butterflies that others' wish to portray and never achieve. The physical packaging also echoes the idea of heart in a way that is not charm bracelet cheesy, but elegant and quiet.... like a heartbeat.

Elizabeth Linde

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come to my window

Gwyneth Sutherlin

Gwyneth Sutherlin is an abstract artist based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Gwyneth's paintings are very in tune with her personality - soft spoken but incredibly expressive.

Taylor Ann Smith

Taylor Ann Smith is an Indiana artist that has traveled the world and landed here in the Midwest. Her work is consistently transforming with the influence of her travels and experiences and yet she manages to maintain a style that is exclusively her own.

I need a tall date

Hot Pink? Gray? Python? Croc? Are you kidding me? Christian Louboutin must've been reading my mind when these were designed... all my favorites in one place is a dream come true. If only I had won the lottery on Saturday, I could afford them. Would I wear 12cm shoes? Absolutely. BTW that is just short of 5in for the metrically challenged... putting me personally at over 6'2". I am definitely going to need a tall date. AND valet.