Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jack & Lulu

I have never considered myself easily starstruck.  As a matter of fact, I would find it difficult to name even one celebrity that I would fall over myself to meet in person.  And I watch a lot  of television :) Having the honor of meeting Jack and Lulu's Designer, Julie Murphy, at last month's Stationery show in NYC was more than a pleasure. I must admit that shaking the hand of the woman who's designs I have used as a guide for  countless items and trend boards over the years made me a little giddy.  The Jack and Lulu booth at the National Stationery show was definitely one of 2011's highlights for me.  Seriously, pink Westie stationery? Was she reading my mind?!!!

Jack and Lulu

Monday, June 6, 2011

Susy Jack

I am just now getting around to my notes on highlights from the New York Stationery show last month, which was amazing as always. Anyone that knows me knows my unnatural love of office supplies and Susy Jack delivered again this year. As I had to put away my fabulous calendar from last year (that ended on May 31st) a Susy Jack order is definitely on my priority list!! I also had the pleasure of meeting Susan Connor, the Principal and Designer of this beautiful line and was so thrilled to find that she is just as darling in person as her creations!

Susy Jack Contemporary Paper

Kate Spade NYC

Kate Spade is the perfect dynamic of simplistic style meets glamour and her New York City Flagship store showcases every inch of this with saturated colors, tissue party goods in the window displays and glittery walls. I thought her lines were impressive but this left me speechless.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Favorite Blog

It is always thrilling to stumble upon a new blog where someone has new insights AND is equally excited about the same things.  It validates my passions!  Amanda Joy of joy ever after  and I are on the same page on all things fabulous.  Her insights on design, stationery, palette selections, photography, etc. are all fantastic and put together beautifully in a well organized and easy to read blog.  Something tells me we would be very good friends if we lived closer.  I wish we were neighbors so I could keep up on her house renovations!

joy ever after

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Favorite Blog

As if I didn't already love it from the magenta feather header, A Subtle Revelry is an unbelievable find.  It is so full of gorgeous imagery and stylish inspiration that it triggers full on Design ADD (which is a good thing).

a subtle revelry

How to Steal like an Artist

Brilliant notes by writer Austin Kleon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Office Wish List

Color Wheel Print from Made by Girl

With an impending office move, I am dreaming of the endless possibilities that the interior of a Paper Party Company should convey.  While I'm in office fantasy land, I am going to go ahead and order  the world's most gorgeous office supplies from Russell & Hazel and become a member of Colored pencil of the Month Club.  My wish list also includes Pantone Products for everyone,  colorful walls, dry erase paint, a color wheel clock and print... even a helium balloon vending machine!!! A girl can dream, right? 

Color Wheel clock from Supermarket
Color Wheel print by Made by Girl 
Binders and Rhinestone Pencils by Russell & Hazel
Pencil Club at 500 Colored Pencils