Monday, April 11, 2011

New Favorite Blog

As if I didn't already love it from the magenta feather header, A Subtle Revelry is an unbelievable find.  It is so full of gorgeous imagery and stylish inspiration that it triggers full on Design ADD (which is a good thing).

a subtle revelry

How to Steal like an Artist

Brilliant notes by writer Austin Kleon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Office Wish List

Color Wheel Print from Made by Girl

With an impending office move, I am dreaming of the endless possibilities that the interior of a Paper Party Company should convey.  While I'm in office fantasy land, I am going to go ahead and order  the world's most gorgeous office supplies from Russell & Hazel and become a member of Colored pencil of the Month Club.  My wish list also includes Pantone Products for everyone,  colorful walls, dry erase paint, a color wheel clock and print... even a helium balloon vending machine!!! A girl can dream, right? 

Color Wheel clock from Supermarket
Color Wheel print by Made by Girl 
Binders and Rhinestone Pencils by Russell & Hazel
Pencil Club at 500 Colored Pencils